Huijin ceramics manufacturing co. LTD

      Anhui ningguo city huijin ceramic manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 1998, is located in the port town of wood shop, ningguo city, adjacent to jiangsu, south to huangshan scenic area, guzhen town, north of xuancheng, anhui is south-east ceramic birthplace, the traffic is very convenient, under the social concern and support of friends from all walks of life, to be the ceramics in the development of the industry leading enterprises.       We are a to inheriting Chinese architectural culture, excavate one thousand bank kiln ceramics as own duty, the specialty is engaged in the firewood kiln archaize building materials and one thousand bank kiln ornamental crafts research and development production and sales of enterprises, our culture idea is inheritance in Chinese architecture, incense, raise one thousand bank kiln ancient ceramic technology, is committed to re-render ancestors good technology in Chinese classical style and value return.       In line with the principle of "customer first, integrity first", we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign enterprises/institutions and the company to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, and sincerely welcome like-minded friends to join the company team, with the way!

Is committed to re-present the ancestors of excellent technology in the Chinese land orthodox style and value return.
Inherit and continue the incense of Chinese architecture, and improve the ancient ceramic technology of the dragon kiln for thousands of years.