Different artistic values of wood burning in gulong kiln and modern wood burning

Issuing time:2019-04-09 08:57

Wood burning, an ancient Chinese firing technique and the most traditional way of making ceramics in China, was once considered time-consuming, laborious, outdated and almost obsolete. In modern times, with the increasing emphasis on returning to the state of nature in people's aesthetic concept, the primitive and rustic, natural and natural pottery of wood burning returned to people's vision and became a new favorite in the pottery field in recent years.

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What are the different artistic values between kiln wood burning and modern wood burning?

Firewood burning originated in China. With the development of modern industry, chai kilns were gradually replaced by gas kilns and electric kilns with higher yield. In the 1970s, woodburning pottery became popular in Japan. In the 1980s, under the influence of international wood-burning, Taiwan began to slowly find its way back to tradition. In recent years, woodburn pottery has become the favorite on the international, in Korea, even euramerican, the woodburn pottery that turns nature back to nature, straightforward and crude, more and more be liked by people place. In China, traditional Chinese pottery producing areas such as jingdezhen, jianshui and dehua have witnessed the inheritance and revival of wood-burning techniques by the new generation of pottery-makers. Today, when people pursue individuality and return to nature, wood-burning pottery will have more and more room for development.



However, in the modern sense, the pace of revival of wood-burning techniques is still relatively lagging in many places. The design and construction of kiln body should be decided by the combination of the clay materials to be fired. Only with a full understanding of the structure, kiln property and mud property of the kiln can one produce the wood-burning pottery that he likes in his heart. Same mud, because the atmosphere when firing, the structure of kiln, firing time length is different, come out the effect is different also, this is the wonderful interest place that firewood burns.

Mention firewood pottery, build water gulong kiln have to say, built around the mountain, like wolong entrenched, total length of 132 meters, is the longest currently in use, a well-preserved gulong kiln that originated in the shang dynasty bank kiln, under construction has kept more than water, has been experiencing a few hundred years, is still almost every month to burn a pottery kiln, is a "living fossil of pottery and porcelain.

Jianshui has ancient chai kilns that have been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Why are there so many self-built chai kilns? What is the difference between modern chai kilns and jianshui gulong kilns?

Ancient maintain only using wood as fuel in the furnace, and in the modern sense of firewood or differentiated, more focus on contemporary firewood is firewood artist pursuit of art, is its emphasis on the atmosphere of the clay after cooked processing, like cooking, maintain the traditional uncooked rice to cook mature rice, contemporary firewood is more pay attention to the Fried rice is cooked meal process, for example eels Fried rice. The design of gulong kiln is very reasonable. It is a production chai kiln with a large volume and rapid temperature rise, which is convenient for firing a large number of pottery in a short period of time. It is mainly used for firing coarse pottery products and domestic pottery.

The burning works are the result of the collision between mud and fire. The temperature in the kiln, the length of firing time and the treatment of the atmosphere in the later kiln will all affect the quality of the wood-burning pottery. Due to the large size of the traditional chai kiln, it is difficult to strictly control the temperature and tightness in the kiln. Contemporary wood-burning pottery art pursues the beauty of naturally falling gray glaze. The longest one in jianshui ancient dragon kiln is 132 meters long, and the smaller one is about 30 meters long. Usually, only the head bunker close to the fire door has enough falling ash. In order to pursue the artistic effect, contemporary wood burning usually takes two or three days or even longer. One kiln burns 3~4 tons of wood deliberately to generate enough ash to form the ever-changing beauty of natural ash falling. Modern ceramist in pursuit of firewood like plain, unaware tiancheng artistic effect, the kiln body design, structure, size, the shape of the fire, the trend of the ash (dust), whole kiln temperature control can have very strict requirements, the modern firewood for firewood directly in natural greenware "mark" fire and ash glaze, color jade firewood pottery and change multiterminal, every piece of work is not to copy, this is the enchantment of the wood works, is why it gradually been a favourite collectors.

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