Antique blue bricks

Issuing time:2019-04-09 09:26

Blue brick is a kind of sintered brick. The main raw material of ancient blue brick is clay. After the clay is mixed with water, it is extruded into shape and then baked in a brick kiln until it is cooled with water (about 1000 degrees). Classics detects the compressive resistance of ancient green brick is more than 10 mpa, bibulous rate is less than 20%, archaize green brick imitates the all sorts of design of ancient green brick namely, according to the firing method of ancient green brick, the clay material that USES ancient green brick USES is contemporary the black brick that firing makes.


Main specifications: 60 240mm, 75 300mm, 100 400mm, 70 280mm, 60 280mm, 100 300mm, 100 380mm, 200 400mm others: 300mm*300mm*25mm, 400mm*400mm*25mm, 600mm*300mm*25mm(length * width * thickness)

Archaize blue brick weight basically has: 2.7kg, 5.6kg, 6.5kg

The hardness of blue brick and red brick is about the same, it is only the cooling method after firing is different, and red brick is natural cooling, a few simpler, produce red brick much now so, blue brick is water cooling however (it is a kind of anoxic cooling actually), the operation rises more troublesome, so what produce now is less. Although the strength and hardness, but blue bricks in oxidation, hydration, atmospheric corrosion performance is better than red brick etc., used in building material, but also extend the service life of buildings, the antique blue bricks multi-purpose the ancestral temples, churches, Chinese style dining-room, a Chinese teahouse, private clubs, garden, park, garden landscape, such as engineering, through the vicissitudes of life more simple.

Archaize blue brick is to choose natural clay, use modern science and technology to combine traditional craft to burn and become archaize building material, archaize blue brick is used at masonry material, can lengthen building life more. The product has the characteristics of frost resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no peeling, no radiation, aging resistance, no light pollution, convenient construction, reasonable cost, etc.

Prominent features of the product:

First, strong air permeability, good water absorption, ten thousand years not rot.

Second, strong plasticity, perfect space, heritage essence.

Third, the restoration of ancient buildings, collection of fine, runxinxiushen.

At present, it has been widely used in archaize architecture, commercial and residential buildings, hotels, Chinese tea houses, villas, houses, gardens, studios, chenghuang temple, street-facing wall and road decoration, industrial buildings and other buildings.

Is committed to re-present the ancestors of excellent technology in the Chinese land orthodox style and value return.
Inherit and continue the incense of Chinese architecture, and improve the ancient ceramic technology of the dragon kiln for thousands of years.